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1. Networking opportunities to enhance partnership value, knowledge and development of innovative projects
2. Organisation of conferences and events in collaboration with ATRA

3. Facilitate the exchange of expertise and collaborate in policy research across countries

4. Provide international connection to members that would benefit in university ranking

5. Use of ATRA logo with approval

6. Provide the platform to highlight tourism research and other activities to ASEAN National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) and ASEAN Tourism Ministers. ATRA operates as a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) of ASEAN and a dialogue partner of ASEAN NTOs and Tourism Ministers.
7. Circulation of information among members

8. Disseminate knowledge in the field of tourism research

9. Participate in bidding for joint research grants

10. Global out reach in Hospitality and Tourism

11. Research expert matching in Hospitality and Tourism

12. Student and staff mobility programmes among member Institutions such as student/staff Exchange Summer Programmes
13. Joint collaborations in training and consultancies for knowledge transfer programmes

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