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"ASEAN – Sustainable Connectivity, Boundless Prosperity"

 28-29 January 2018  |  Prince of Songkla University, Phuket  | Thailand

ASEAN Tourism Research Conference 2018

ATRAC 2018 was successfully held at PSU, Phuket, Thailand

The ASEAN Tourism Research Association Conference (ATRAC) 2018 has come close to an end. The conference theme of ASEAN – Sustainable Connectivity, Boundless Prosperity was timely to reflect on a number of important questions on the growth of tourism. It is doubtless that tourism is an economic driver playing a significant role on the prosperity of many countries including ASEAN. But from the perspective, such a question as how to secure lasting and sustainable tourism growth in our region still remains a crucial issue. A number of papers presented in this conference did seek to investigate this challenging question so I hope that the participants have had fruitful discussions on the issue, shared and learned new ideas from one another, which they could adopt to further improve their work in this important area. 

However, that is not the only single purpose of this conference as we hope that the participants could also gain new experience, friendship, sustainable connections, and networking which we believe would last very long and turn to become meaningful collaborations. Given that, we would like to rest assured that the scholars and researchers in this area could find a good platform to deliver their stimulating work to a great audience.

I would like to remind you that many prominent scholars and researchers in tourism today, many years ago, built their research profile and inspired themselves by participating in this similar kind of conference, getting to know others who they could share their common research interest and support one another. Therefore, I would like to inspire all the researchers here today to keep on their research work and actively continue to connect and collaborate with one another for the sustainability of tourism and for the boundless prosperity in the region. 

I would like to express my gratitude to the ATRA for offering Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism or FHT an honor to host this conference. We are very delighted as hosting an international conference is considered a perfect way to celebrate the university's 50th anniversary. Prince of Songkla University is going to organize a series of events throughout the year and this conference is one of the very first events we hold early in the year for this special occasion.  I would also like to thank all the participants for sharing their interesting work, being part of the university’s celebration and making the event a success. Last but not least I'd like to thank all the FHT colleagues, staff and students, who have been working tirelessly and perfectly for this event. Without their dedication, this conference wouldn't be possible. All of FHT members are now very pleased that the event has turned out to be successful. We are very happy to learn that many of you have enjoyed our interesting keynote speakers, the beautiful cultural performance, the interesting presentations and our hospitality.

And see you next year for ATRAC 2019.

Thank you very much. ขอบคุณมากค่ะ!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prathana Kannaovakun, Conference Chair

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