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17th August 2020, Monday

10:00 am - 12:00 pm (MYT) 

Zoom Online Platform

During the pre-pandemic era, many countries were already engaged with traditional affiliations for tourism development. Generally, these partnership initiatives are done regionally to boost regional tourism activities. For instance, tourism partnership among the ASEAN nations and among European Union countries are done to encourage regional travel among the residents of the continent. Emergence of COVID-19 has made the countries to go beyond their regional boundaries to establish travel affiliations. 

The idea of Travel bubbles can be well-defined as an exclusive partnership between neighboring or nearby countries that have established significant success in reducing the number of cases of COVID-19 pandemic within their respective borders. These countries then go on to re-establish connections between them by opening borders and allowing people to travel freely within the zone without having the need to undergo on-arrival quarantine. The need to establish travel bubble platform is to encourage travel in safe zone without much hassle.

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