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Shaping our Tourism Journey Together

ASEAN Tourism Research Conference 

 18 January 2017  |  James Cook University  | Singapore

Conference Theme

The ASEAN Tourism Research Association Conference (ATRC) 2017 coincides with the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN. The theme is “Shaping our Tourism Journey Together" an invitation to reflect on the future of the ASEAN Tourism, in association with the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) which will also be hosted in Singapore. Tourism is one of the priority sectors for regional integration of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that was implemented in 2015. To achieve this objective, ASEAN has adopted the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2016-2025. This plan aims to strategically transform the region into a competitive, sustainable, and more socio-economically inclusive and integrated tourism destination. That creates multiple research opportunities to be discussed at ATRC 2017.

The ASEAN Tourism Research Association Conference (ATRC) is open to academics from all walks of life, regardless of disciplinary background or affiliation. Researchers are invited to present in the form of research papers, or posters. We recognise that there are a number of different ways in which research can be communicated. We welcome all types of presentations that address issues related to tourism in the ASEAN region, in terms of quality of services and standards, enhancement of tourism products and infrastructure, connectivity as well as issues related to the quality of life and opportunities for the community through responsible and sustainable tourism development.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Singapore!

Dr Jenny Panchal, Conference Co-Chair

A/P Dr Frederic Bouchon, Conference Co-Chair

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