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James Cook University Singapore

 18 January 

ASEAN Tourism Research Conference 2017




HR and Education

  1. Ryan Joseph Calinao and July Aze Barcenas: Factors Affecting the Decision of Freshmen Students in Pursuing Hospitality and Tourism Programs in Lyceum of the Philippines University- Laguna: Basis for Enhancement

  2. Sharlene Batin and Arthur Digman: Philippine Accreditation Practices for Tourism Professional under ASEAN

  3. Ma. Christina Aquino, Rex Wallen Tan, Ron Haarms, and Melva Diamante: The Philippines’ English Proficiency Report Card: Summary of Preliminary Findings (2015-2016)

  4. Gowri Kusuma Pinjarla and Sukanya Madasu: An Investigation into Emotional Labor and Employee Engagement - A Study on select Hotels in India


Rural Tourism

  1. Purwanti Dyah Pramanik and Novita Widyastuti S : Rural Tourism Destination Strategy through SWOT Analysis in Cibuntu Village, Indonesia

  2. Sevillia Felicen: Community-Based Tourism as Livelihood Program of Mount Banoi, Philippines

  3. Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo and Vikneswaran Nair: Understanding the Challenges of Developing a Brand for Rural Tourism Destination

  4. Harold Bernardo Bueno, Vikneswaran Nair and Melinda Torres: The Rise of ASEAN Farm-to-table Tourism: Synergy of Agriculture, Gastronomy and Tourism in achiev-ing Sustainable Ecological Balance



  1. Luh Yusni Wiarti : Exploring Local Communities Participation in Culture Heritage Event: The Case of Bali Kite Festival

  2. Jame Monren Mercado: Pamana mula sa Hukay: Identifying Archaeological Heritage Significance – The Case of Barangay Puypuy Archaeological Site, Municipality of Bay, Laguna, Philippines

  3. Adesty Lasally, Umi Yuliati and Amad Saeroji: The Quality of Cultural and Natural Attraction in Pisang Island, Pesisir Barat District, Lampung Province

  4. Nungky Puspita and Devi Roza Kausar: The Art of Making Batik Garutan: An Exploratory Study of its Potential as Tourism Product


Culture & Society 

  1. Ruwan Ranasinghe and Cheng Li: Tourist Destination Mobilities and Transformation of Cultural Values: Local Residents’ Perspective in Post-War Sri Lanka

  2. Eliza Joyce Palaroan, Ma. Araceli Diaz-Tambol and Lee Majors Fajilan: An Urban Rehabilitation Project and its Implications to the Host Community in Benguet, Philippines

  3. Geraldine Anne Tan: Dark Tourism and National Identity: A Narrative Approach

  4. Sonia Lim and Frederic Bouchon: The Exponential Growth of Network Hospitality: Perspectives from Asia

Destination Marketing

  1. Lestari Ningrum, Prasadja Ricardianto and Rina Suprina: The Analysis of Tourist Travel Demand Model in Three Destinations: Bandung, Lombok and Raja Ampat - Indonesia

  2. Hanugerah Kristiono Liestiandre: Positioning for Bali as A Tourism Destination

  3. Hamrila A. Latip, Suzie S. Y. Lim and Mohd Uzairi Ahmad Hajazi: Convention Tourism Destination Competitiveness Assessment of Malaysia: A Qualitative Analysis Using Porter Diamond Model

  4. Janardan Krishna Yadav and Omkumar Krishnan: Create Memorable Experiences and Vivid Memories: Promote your Tourism Destination for Free!

  5. Agus Aryandika: Tourists’ Perceptions toward the Quality of Destination in Flores - Case Study: Labuan Bajo’s Destination

Tourism Experience

  1. Zakiyya Moosa and Jayasubamani Arvi Smoganakrishnan: Tourism innovation: The Case of Joe the Busker and his ‘Special Monkey’ by the Melaka River

  2. Nimrod L. Delante and Jenny H. Panchal: Juxtaposing Experiences of Local and Foreign Travel Bloggers: Insights from Abduction

  3. Narmatha Murugan: Influence of Socio Demographic Factors in The Choice of Airline Between Air Asia & Malaysia Airlines

  4. Yustisia Pasfatima: Tourism Development Strategy to Increase the Number of Tourist in Tado Village, Manggarai Barat, Flores.


  1. Ryan Joseph Calinao and Xavier Torres: Eco-Tourism in Borawan Island of Quezon Province: Inputs to Tourism Development

  2. Wasana Sirimalwatte: Challenges of Tourism Destination Sustainability (Special Focused On the Old Galle Town and its Fortification)

  3. I Gede Gian Saputra and Tirtawati Ni Made: Tourism Sustainability On Young Generation Perspective Case Study the Village of Jatiluwih, Bali-Indonesia

  4. Lilibeth Aragon and Diosdado Garalde Jr.: Compliance of Philippine Manning Companies with Maritime Labor Convention: Proposed Intervention in ASEAN Setting

  5. I Wayan Adi Pratama: Bali as Smart Tourism Destination – Tourism Field Study 2016

MICE & Festivals

  1. Xialeemar Valdeavilla: The Critical Analysis of Event Management Practices around the Globe and their Impact on the Tourism Industry: A Study of the Event Management Education Status of the Republic of the Philippines

  2. Lisa Yeu-Moy Yong, Shantini Thuraiselvam and Francisca Kiun-Yii Lo: Tying the Knot in Malaysia: The Factors that Motivate Venue Selection and Venue Attributes

  3. Khairiah Ismail and Ng Kok Meng: Measuring the Failure Factors of Festival: A Case of FMFA

  4. Ng Wai Yee: Factors Influencing Event Organizers to Adopt Sustainable Practices for Business Events: A Conceptual Framework

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