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ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016 - 2025

ASEAN Tourism Research Association (ATRA) was invited to attend the virtual ASEAN NTOs Retreat Mid-Term Review (MTR) on the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2016-2025, which was held on 14th October 2020. Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Victor Wee and Dr. Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran represented ATRA to join the discussion. The Retreat was a venue for the ASEAN NTOs to discuss and agree on the ASEAN tourism policies and priority projects, as well as to assess the ATSP 2016-2025, including the development of its revised work plan and programs that respond to the ‘new normal’ and in the recovery efforts of the region for the tourism industry.

In the meeting, ATRA highlighted the needs for confidence building for tourists to start traveling within the ASEAN region. Some of the measures include raising health and hygiene standards of tourism facilities and creating trust among travelers in the competence of authorities to act quickly in appending the spread of the virus and safeguarding public health. The need to understand the contemporary tourism industry post-pandemic era was also highlighted by ATRA which was mutually agreed upon by other participants.


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