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What is ATRA's purpose? 

Vision and Scope


Empowering ASEAN communities Through Tourism Research and Innovation.


Establishing a network of Tourism research clusters in ASEAN Universities.
Developing links between ASAEAN researchers in tourism with common projects.
Providing a recognized multi-site resource and expertise related to ASEAN Tourism.
Contributing to the development of the Tourism Human capacity for ASEAN Countries.
Supporting the ASEAN integration policies.

Core Values

Respect for diversity 
Excellence in research and innovation 
Accountability and transparency in actions 
Commitment to sustainability 
Harmony through integration


Support the ASEAN integration policies through tourism research and innovation
Enhance collaboration on tourism for the academia and researchers within and outside ASEAN by establishing network of tourism research clusters in Institutions of higher learning from the region
Provide Member States of ASEAN with research and advisory services where necessary
Maintain, advance and disseminate knowledge in the field of tourism research in ASEAN.
Provide a recognized research hub for resources and expertise related to sustainable tourism in ASEAN.
Contribute to the human capacity development for tourism in ASEAN.

Scope of Activities

In pursuance of the aims and objectives defined above the Association shall:

Carry out research related to tourism in ASEAN.
Organize seminars, forums, symposiums, exhibitions, workshops and conferences, carry out studies, research, and raise issues in accordance with the objectives of the Association.
Integrate, publish and disseminate materials, such as books, research reports and periodicals relevant to the tourism industry in ASEAN and other activities pertaining to the promotion of the objectives stated above.
Maintain a database of tourism research expertise with a focus on ASEAN.
Assist Members of the Association to find the right expertise and clusters for research collaborations in compliance with the objectives of the Association.
Accept and raise grants, endowments and financial support from available legitimate sources in support of its programmes and activities.
Collaborate with other recognized Associations or Bodies within or outside ASEAN, which subscribe to the Association's objectives.

(Source: ATRA Strategic Plan, 2015)

We provide solutions in several types of Tourism Expertise Needs

  • Tourism Planning

  • Sustainability of Tourism

  • Hospitality Capacity Building

  • Rural Tourism & Regional Development

  • Heritage and Culture of ASEAN

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